Twisted pair RDL Format-A signal senders and distributors to send up to 3 balanced or unbalanced audio signals to 4 different locations

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    Radio Design Labs RU-TPDA Active Distributor – Twisted Pair Format-A – RDL Format-A input to Four outputs

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  • Input Jack Accepts Signals from All FORMAT-A Senders
  • Output Jacks Drive All FORMAT-A Receivers
  • Four Receivers may be Driven From Each Distributor
  • LOOP OUT Jack Can Feed Additional Distributor
  • Power Bus Provides Expansion to Adjacent Distributors
  • Powers All Connected Senders and Receivers
  • Dual-LED VU Meters Display the Level on Each Pair
  • Blue Power LED Shows the Module is Receiving dc Power
  • Rear-Panel LEDs Indicate Correct Output Voltage on RJ45s
  • High-Density Rack Mounting Using RACK-UP Accessories