Vanco 3′ HDMI Cable w/ Swivel Connector


Swivel 180 degree design is ideal for flat panel HDTV’s and other components where space is limited.

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  • HDMI Ethernet Channel, which allows for a 100 Mb/s Ethernet connection between the two HDMI connected devices
  • Swivel 180 Degree Design is Ideal for Flat Panel HDTV’s
    and Other Hook-Ups where Space is Limited
  • Engineered to Complement Flat Screen LCDs and Plasma Displays
  • Supports Audio Return Channel Functionality
  • Allows 3D over HDMI when connected to 3D Devices
  • Supports 4K x 2K and 1080p Video Resolutions
  • Additional Color Spaces (sYCC601, RGB & YCC601)
  • Data Speed Transfer: Exceeds 10.2 Gbps
  • Gold Plated HDMI Connectors
  • UL Listed and CL3 Rated