Radio Design Labs AMS-XLRMA Selectable Mic/Line XLR Output with Phantom Block

$15.34 $10.20

  • Attenuation Selector: Unity or 50 dB (mic output for a line input)
  • XLR Connector Protected from Phantom Voltage up to 55 Vdc
  • Mounts in D-Style Standard Cutouts
  • Mounts in all RDL AMS Mounting Frames
  • Mounts in RDL Decora-Style Wall Plates
  • Availability of a Wide Variety of Associated AMS Accessories
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    The AMS-XLRMA is a metal male XLR connector equipped with a high quality terminal block for audio connections, a switch-selectable audio attenuator and protection from phantom voltage. The connector mounts in AMS mounting frames and in standard D-style cutouts. The XLR output is equipped with a Unity/Attenuated level switch that provides a nominal 50 dB of attenuation to feed the microphone input of a mixer-amplifier or other equipment with mic inputs. Without attenuation, the AMS-XLRMA may be used solely to block phantom voltage from the mic output of the equipment feeding the AMS-XLRMA terminal block. With attenuation, the AMS-XLRMA provides a phantom-protected mic output for a line-level audio source feeding the AMS-XLRMA.