Radio Design Labs DB-MJPT Mini-jack pass-through plate

$40.49 $26.91

  • Stereo Audio Input to Stereo Audio Output
  • Stereo Input on Mini-Jack
  • All-Steel Construction
  • Compatible with Decora®-Style Mounting Accessories
  • Customizable Front-Panel Text
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    The D-MJPT is a Decora style wall plate with a mini-jack (3.5 mm, 1/8″) input or output connector. The front-panel jack is directly connected to a second mini-jack on the rear of the D-MJPT. The panel is ideal for mounting in a wall or in an RDL DC-1 Decora style countertop chassis. The mini-jack pass-through allows quick installation to provide user audio connections between the jack plate and a computer or other audio product that connects through a mini-jack. The standard model (D-MJPT) is finished in RDL standard white/gray. The DS-MJPT is constructed in stainless steel with custom labeling available through RDL.