Radio Design Labs DB-RC2ST 2 Channel Remote Control for STICK-ON – Remote selection of audio or video sources

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  • Remote Selection of 2 Audio Sources, Destinations or Functions
  • Single-Button Selection for Each Source
  • Open-collector Switching of 1 of 2 Module Functions
  • 3-wire or 4-wire Remote Wiring
  • Professional Aesthetic Appearance
  • Companion to other RDL® Remote Controls
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    The front panel of the DB-RC2ST features two pushbuttons with two associated LEDs. Upon initial power-up, source 1 is selected. Touching the other button de-selects source 1 and immediately selects source 2. An LED adjacent to each button shows which source is selected.

    In a typical installation, the DB-RC2ST may be used to select between two audio or video sources, or to route audio to two destinations. To select between two audio sources, the DB-RC2ST is connected to an RDL ST-SSR1 Solid-State Audio Switch. For video switching, an RDL TX-MVX may be used. For audio routing, an RDL ST-RX2 is used. In each of the above examples, only one output terminal is needed for triggering. Therefore a single shielded pair (or 3-conductor cable) is required for remote connection. For more complex switching networks, both outputs may be used.