Radio Design Labs DB-RLC10KM Remote Level Control with Muting

$141.66 $94.15

  • Remote Level Control Panel
  • Mute Button Toggles Output On and Off
  • Red/Green On/Off Mute Indicator
  • Single-Turn Rotary Control
  • Single Control Location
  • Direct Connection to RDL VCA Modules
  • Direct Control of Modules with RJ45 VCA Control
  • RJ45 or Discrete Wiring Connections on Detachable Terminal Block
  • Available in Standard RDL White, Stainless or Black
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    The DB-RLC10KM is the ideal companion to RDL VCA modules where levels are to be controlled from a single remote location and pushbutton muting is desired. It is designed to directly interface with the 3 wire control input of an RDL VCA module. A single shielded pair is normally used. The DB-RLC10KM contains a long life 10 kΩ potentiometer for setting the control voltage. The front panel has 10 graphic increments which provide a visual indication of the level setting. A MUTE button alternately mutes or un-mutes the audio in the associated RDL VCA product. An LED MUTE indicator glows red when the output is muted (0 volts dc), and turns green when the output is active (dc output voltage set by control). The DB-RLC10KM features a standard RDL white front panel. The RLC10KMS is offered in stainless steel with custom lettering available. These finishes match other RDL remote selectors and jack plates for a visually appealing installation of multiple controls.