Radio Design Labs SAS-HC8 Headphone Amplifier with Source Selection for SourceFlex Distributed Audio System

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  • Headphone listening station for exercise equipment or countertop
  • Source selection and volume adjustment buttons
  • Sealed touch controls protect internal circuitry
  • ULTRASTYLE ™ design rugged metal enclosure
  • Mounts to support pipe, handlebar or tabletop
  • Automatic volume reduction to safe level when headphones left disconnected
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    The SAS-HC8 Headphone Control Station is a SourceFlex headphone listening station for use with exercise equipment or on a tabletop. Each unit features a source selector with numeric indicator and volume adjustment buttons. Sealed touch controls protect the internal circuitry from debris and moisture. The rugged metal case is both attractive and durable. If headphones are left unplugged from the SAS-HC8, the internal processor resets the volume to a safe listening level. This averts the possibility of a loud, potentially harmful audio burst when headphones are plugged in.