Radio Design Labs ST-PBR4 STICK-ON Mounting Bracket

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  • Mounts up to 4 RDL STICK-ON® Modules to an RDL FP-PSB1A Bracket or RDL FLAT-PAK™ Rack Mount Track
  • May be Used to Mount STICK-ON® Modules to a Flat Surface
  • STICK-ON® Modules Slide In and Click Into Place
  • All-Steel Construction
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    The ST-PBR4 is a mounting frame with slots for four STICK-ON modules. The ST-PBR4 mounts on an FP-PSB1A power supply bracket or to any flat surface. The ST-PBR4 design allows the installer to secure the modules without using any adhesive pads. Each module slides in and snaps into position. It may be easily released for adjustment or removal. The design of the ST-PBR4 allows it to slide into a FLAT-PAK rack mount track.