Radio Design Labs ST-RG1 Ramp Generator – 0 to 10 Vdc Output

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  • Ramp Generator with 0 to 10 Volt Output
  • Remote Control of ST-VCA3 modules
  • Multiple VCA Remote Control Points
  • Pushbutton Up / Down Ramp Control
  • Dual LED Outputs for Position Indication
  • Ramp Output Capable of Driving Six VCAs
  • Buffered, De-Bounced Switch Inputs
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    The ST-RG1 is a digitally generated 0 to 10 volt Ramp Generator which provides the ideal interface for audio volume control from multiple points with the ST-VCA3. Any number of Up and Down buttons may be connected to the ST-RG1. Sufficient drive is provided from the ST-RG1 to control up to six ST-VCA3s.
    Features include:

      VCAs may be controlled from several locations with the optional D SERIES-RLC2 Remote Level Control. LED level indicator driver circuitry is included in the ST-RG1 for visual indication of relative level.