Radio Design Labs STM-3 High Gain Microphone Preamplifier – 45 to 75 dB gain

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  • Low-Noise, High-Gain, Mic Preamp
  • Adjustable Output Levels
  • High or Low Impedance Mic Inputs
  • Mic Input to Line Outputs
  • Two Balanced or Unbalanced Outputs
  • Phantom Capability
  • RF-Filtered Inputs
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    The STM-3 is a quality low-noise microphone preamplifier designed for use in surveillance, commercial sound, broadcast, and recording where higher than normal gain is required. The STM-3 is very flexible, with gain adjustment from 45 to 75 dB, two balanced or unbalanced outputs, and available phantom supply input. Its low-distortion and low-noise performance make it the best choice, even when larger preamps could be used. The STM 3 supply input is single ended and operates from 24 Vdc. Operation from 12 Vdc is possible with a 6 dB reduction in headroom. Each output drives high or low impedance loads.